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March 22, 2010

The Beat Honor Roll 1986

The following good souls volunteered to join The Beat effort in 1986:


Barbara Barabino
Bruce Bebb
Bob Berger
Eric Bickford
Adrian Boot
Chris Boyle
Marion Brooks
Patrick Cameron
Jane Christy
John Collins
Cassandra Davis-Cheyney
Larry Dawson
Darcy Diamond
Henry DiRocco
Phil Drange
Sam Epstein
Enid Farber
Al Franklin
Brigitte Gomane
Angela Hajanis
Kevin Henry
Scott Hinkley
Eric Hiss
Hyikhyon Hyawhycuss
Tia Johnson
Emmet Jordan
Miriam King
R. Errol Lam
Conley Major
Anne Mavor
Ron Miller
Michael Milton
Tommy Noonan
A.A. Lumumba Omowale
Steve Radzi
Victor Reid
Gene Scaramuzzo
Ralph Schlesinger
Sikhulu Shange
Ross Smith
Gary Stewart
Ann Summa
Ras Tesfa
Mandy Tomson
Mohammed Waheed
Mike Wells

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