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March 28, 2010

From Jah-Pan, Rove Magazine says bye-bye to The Beat

From the reggae capital of Tokyo, JAHPAN, the ROVE MAGAZINE has contributed an article on the International Reggae News column in Jan-Feb 2010 issue, sending out a great farewell to the BEAT MAGAZINE in the commemoration for its much celebrated twenty-eight years long dedications in the music publication arena, which has been the true enlightenment to many of us.

As for myself, I had been encouraged by the BEAT to follow in a walk of path of music journalism. And therefore, I would like to leave this little note for Ms. CC Smith and Mr. Roger Steffens... Give much thanks for opening the gateways to the heart beat world of Reggae, Afrikan, Caribbean and World Music... Wi cyaan miss yuh nuff', BEAT!

JAH BLESS to all.

Emiko 'JAH Dawta' Noda
ROVE columnist, Tokyo
EMPRESS VOICE contributor, Hiroshima
CARIBPRESS staff photo-journalist, Los Angeles 

レゲエ情報 Rove[ラブ] - マガジン | 雑誌 最新号のご案内


  1. Thank you for your kind words, Emiko. We are proud to have been an inspiration for Rove. Please keep up the good works spreading reggae music internationally.

  2. Carol Haile SelassieMarch 29, 2010 at 10:09 AM

    Give thanks Emiko and the ROVE posse--I am always touched to hear positive words from the international reggae world. Yes, keep up the good works and keep spreading the vibe.

  3. I'd like to thank the Beat as well for all of the support that it provided for the world music community for so many years.

    Just last night I spent several hours compiling all of the stories in The Beat mentioning Ancient Future from writers like Bob Tarte and Steve Heilig. It made quite a nice media report, and in the process I read all of the articles again. They were wonderfully written and each is like a time capsule of the sounds of the moment and I was reminded of the contributions of the many artists who were covered.

    The Beat will be missed...

  4. Jah blessings to you Matthew, and we give thanks for your support of The Beat over the years. It was our privilege to report on and appreciate all the many many talented singers and players of instruments that created beautiful and inspiring music as you did. We had some of the best and most knowledgeable writers in the business, and I for one miss them as well.