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March 14, 2010

From Steve Heilig: Lee "Scratch" Perry, Style an' Fashion

This Sunday morning, leafing thru the NYTimes, consulting the glossy 'men's fashion' mag for all my sartorial tips, there was none other than Lee Perry inna full page color ad - for what I could not tell, as no ID, nothing but a website for "Supreme New York". Of course I had to check that, and of course it is a clothing company, and of course, there is an essay by Dave Katz. to accompany some new LSP-designed T-shirts: http://www.supremenewyork.com/

style and fashion!
--Steve Heilig (columnist, All Over the Map)

On the company's site, click on "News." Clicking on Scratch's picture opens an unexpected, incomprehensible video featuring Scratch playing with fire, Bob Marley playing with a soccer ball, the Clash playing "Police & Thieves." Click on "Spring/Summer" and then Scratch's picture in the collage to see his T-shirt design.
--The Dreaditor

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  1. I saw the add in the NY Times Magazine and wanted the image to blog of scratch on the www and found the Fire video and your Blog ...

    chris K