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January 16, 2010

BEAT Honor Roll 1983

1983 was the year The Reggae & African Beat started to gain traction, find its direction, and attract luminaries such as Stephen Davis, Randall Grass, Bernard Hoyes and Robert Hill to contribute their expertise.  Joining the team this year were:

Susan Andrew
Khris Bailey
Tony Brennan
Harvey Burnett
Kris Burson
Julie Burson
Harold Burson
Robert Cohen
Philip Cramer
Christina Davis
Paula Davis
Stephen Davis
Darcy Diamond
Rene Diedrich
Isaac Ferguson
Edwin Craven Frantz
Randall Grass
Genessee Harris
Judy Harris
Robert Hill
Eric Hiss
Danny Holloway
Jimi Hori
Bernard Hoyes
Irie Irene
Yacine Jallow
Brother Joly
Carol Kaufman
Howard Kutz
Lance Linares
Horace Mansfield Jr.
Terrence Nugent
Laura Orenstein
Susan Rich
Ranking Rob
Gene Scaramuzzo
Micki Seltzer
Enriko Seruma
Peter Simon
Jeff Spurrier
Spit Stix
Jim Subich
John Sutton-Smith
Bruce Talamon
I Timothy
Joan Trafecanty
Thomas Traylor
Jah Trevor
Doug Wendt
A. West
Bigga White
Timothy White
Chas Wiedenmann
Paul Wilkins
Genee Wilner
Nick Wolf
Kishi Yamamoto
Ras Zef

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