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December 20, 2009

From 20-year subscriber Carl Meier

Hi Carol -
Many thanks for letting me know. I'm sorry too. It leaves a significant cultural gap, and I just don't think that's a good thing. Where else does one find writers like the ones that contribute here? I won't even mention the reggae coverage. Who else does one find a writer who has almost every Congolese record available, or one who has produced great, innovative Latin records and knows Cuban music as if it were part of his family, which, of course, it is. And where else would I find somebody listing an album from Brazil's marvelous Luiz Melodia as their number one album? (You'd have to go to Sao Paolo to find out about the material Weiss and Beto cover.)

Not to speak of the long time regulars, nor of the only consistent coverage anywhere of the rest of the Caribbean - at least that I can find in English. And where else does one find an African supergroup giving such affectionate acknowledgement in an album's notes to a magazine's editor ('Mama Kekele' is it?)?

I could really understand it if C.C. wanted to take about a 20 year vacation. But if not, and at the expense of being an armchair speculator, other mags have gone to websites. No Depression, a magazine with, I'd suspect, some credibilty in its genre, comes to mind. They've also asked for contributions. Others have ties - and links - to advertisers. But I'm sure you know all this. If you ever go that way, you've got at least one 'subscriber'.

Best to you all.

Carl Meier


  1. I too have been a subscriber... for well over 20 years and bought the magazine loyally for years before that... it was a real pleasure to read about the music that changed my life... I actually have years and years of saved issues... guess I will have to re-read dem! lol
    it was in prison, early '90's when I first bought my subscription... and kept it current to this day

    mon, me gwaan miss dis magazine, fi real!
    respect still,
    Ras Danny
    Higher Reasoning Reggae Time
    KBOO Community Radio 90.7 FM

  2. Greetings from Guam;

    When I lived out in Cali I always sought out the Beat Magazine wherever I went throughout the state. When I moved back to my home here in Guam, a few family members and I had a likkle Reggae Shop called Cultural Trenz and we distributed the magazine to the masses. Jah's Reggae Shop here on Guam recently was offering the Beat Magazine to all the Reggae lovers here in Guam. I had the pleasure of meeting Carol many years ago in Las Vegas during the R.A.W. event that was taking place. We became friends and I hand carried some items for a bredren of mine here in Guam Jah Son, from Carol and from the late Papa Pilgrim. Year's later I would meet Mr Roger Stephens here on Guam and we would become friends as well. The first time I had him up at the radio station I work for here on Guam (POWER98FM The Island Stylin' Reggae Show. now going on my 21st yr. on air,) I had a copy of either the 1st or the 2nd printing of the Beat Magazine and he could not believe that I still had that copy. I've alway's saved them, as up to this day, I still use them as reference material for my show. One Love, One Heart & may Jah look upon his children over the years that have made this great magazine possible with
    blessings, love and guidance.