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December 24, 2009

From Bob Steinhilber, first art director for The Reggae Beat newsletter

CC, you have left us a musical-literary-journalistic legacy. The BEAT is musical history writ large in our lives - a touchstone and a watchword for intelligent, inspirational writing about some of the most significant sounds to vibrate our musical palettes over the course of three decades.
 I still have a fat envelope full of snippets and paper leavings from pasting up the first several issues. I loved every issue, and I loved contributing to the magazine, each and every time I was so honoured.
The BEAT was something we could hold in our hands to turn on our hearts and our minds- now we will hold it in our hearts and minds and turn our hands to the next chapter. Thanks to your noble efforts, the BEAT goes on in eternity, never to be subject to deadlines. Forward ever, backward never.
-Bob Steinhilber


  1. Bob introduced me to my first halftone, which you see above, a picture of local LA ska group The Skanksters, for whom Bob was, coincidently, the drummer. For this first issue, printed on two sides of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, I sold 4 ads (printed on the back side) for $20 each, and the printing cost $80. Now you see why, 28 years later, we ran out of money!