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December 27, 2009

From Ever Rey D, Ragga/Reggae Vibes Magazine, France

Big up any time !
I started to read The Beat in the late 80's and always looked forward to its new issues. It had become increasingly tough to find it in France, so I lost touch gradually but will always have fond memories of writings like Jamaican Obsession, Mr Marlon's stint on dancehall, Brian Dring's Other Caribbean an many other works about certain music genres i wasn't always so versed in, which also enabled me to look beyond my own "Jamaican obsession" !
I will always have fond memories of knowledgeable writers who more often than not had style and a serious sense of humour, who also didn't feel compelled to follow any hype. My main gripe will always remain "too much Marley stuff", but hey, all the rest always more than made up for it ! Also thanks for allowing me to contribute to a dancehall issue.
All the best for your future ventures.
PS : Not too sure we'll manage to get so much in-depth stuff in the so far mostly disappointing (imho) world of the reggae web. The Beat was never about hypes, a rare thing these days.

Ever Rey D,
Ragga / Reggae Vibes magazine, France
Keeping the reggae press alive against all odds.

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  1. Thankyou Staff of the Beat (Reggae/ African Beat) magazine for all the sincere articles, insights and love over these years. You've sown educational seeds of enlightenment for great music in general, Reggae and World music specifically. Best wishes. Blessings. Sincerely, Tftka Dawidalle aka daggakarab (www.myspace.com/daggakarab)