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December 21, 2009

From Brian Dring, columnist, "The Other Caribbean" 1998-2009

I have really enjoyed writing for the BEAT, meeting and interviewing great artists, and especially reading what other contributors have to say.

As a subscriber going back to 1988,  I would look forward to reading such past columnists as Gage Averill (Haitian Fascination) and Gene Scaramuzzo (original Other Caribbean writer). As a writer I continued to enjoy reading other regulars like Martin Sinnock, Bob Tarte, Dave Hucker, and many others. The BEAT was always unique in its perspective and thorough in its coverage. It was to most music trade magazines as college radio is to commercial radio.

I have to echo the sentiments expressed by CC Smith about reggae that even "other Caribbean" styles like soca and zouk were changing...in this case becoming heavily influenced by r&b and dancehall. As someone inspired by the early sound, it was becoming harder to write meaningful and even fair music reviews when I was not really moved by many of the new releases I heard. Still, with a little help from the Cape Verdean or South American scene, I managed to sneak enough good new releases in a two-month span to fill a page or two :)

Finally, I'd like to wish all the BEAT staff and writers best of luck with future plans and....nice working with you!

Brian Dring
"The Other Caribbean" columnist 1998-2009


  1. Wow, Brian, since 98? how time flies when you are on deadline. You were a most worthy successor to your "Other Carib" predecessors. Meci anpil!

  2. Man, what sad news, though I suppose we all knew it was coming. I could spend pages ranting about the current state of print media, reggae, the downfall of humanity, and the evils of the internet...BUT I'd rather give thanks and praise for the years of joy, information, culture, and more that this fantastic publication has brought us all-and how it has brought so many of us together all over the world!
    I'm proud to say that even when I let go of probably a ton of 'stuff' on my last move, no way was I going to let go of the Reggae Beat! I have every issue from the first 'paper' issue-missed some in the 90's, and back again for the last few years.
    I'm also humbled that occasionally a photo or two of mine would appear, and I managed to get a couple of my records reviewed favorably, for which I'm eternally grateful.
    The research, writing, photography-essentially everything about the Beat was stellar. When I picked up each issue I knew I'd learn something, and I knew I'd read about way too many releases I just had to have..
    Of course the annual Marley issue was always a favorite-couldn't wait to see what Roj had come up with each year to top himself!
    The Beat will be sorely missed by all of us all over the world who've cherished it these past decades, and the rest of the world sadly will never know what they've missed.
    Bless you all in your knew endeavors..
    Peace, one love, one heart always,