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December 22, 2009

From Jah Son, Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide, contributor and reggae supporter

Sad news indeed. First started reading The Beat back in the late 80s, while living in NYC. Missed a couple years while I taught in Liberia, but started my subscription when I moved to Istanbul. It was a great source for Reggae-related retailers when I added a shop to a club I ran there in the early 90s. Loved reading the playlists for Roger and Hank's show. First saw Papa Pilgrim's call for Reggae Ambassadors in the advertising section, which had such am impact on my life in later years. And a few years later, after moving to Guam, I actually co-wrote a column until the mag went glossy. I've saved every issue I've ever received and ordered back issues of ones I didn't. Have made a lot of wonderful friends directly and indirectly through The Beat, and although the magazine will end, those friendships will not. Give thanks for everything over the years. Much love! Forward....Jah Son inna Guam

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